Monday, April 4, 2011

Spectra Pin-Up

When I came up with this nude back view of Danny Phantom's Penelope Spectra, I realized she was of legal age and therefore not really "blog exclusive" material. I eventually came up with something dirtier to get it that exclusiveness. That something was Danny shackled to a wall and in nothing but S&M undies, horrified of what Spectra will do to him. Honestly, I'd be thrilled of whatever she's do to me!

This concept is partly based on a really dirty idea I've had for a Rule 34-esque story I came up with when I was bored. You might remember this form of Spectra from the episode "Doctor's Disorders," where she needed Danny's DNA to finish this perfect body (I'll say!) she made herself from other teen genes. I imagine if she still needed his DNA, forcing him to bang her would be one way to get it. Danny would probably be under a spell of sorts for it to happen, or else Sam would be even more pissed. ...Man, I can be filthy.